Digital Representation for Celebrities, Social Talent and Creators

We work with traditional and self-made social influencer talent to maximise their presence while creating value-added opportunities in brand integration across the digital ecosystem.

Traditional Talent

You are talented. You work hard. In the oxygen breathing world you are comfortable because you understand the old-school rules of the entertainment business.

Today, its simply not enough to update a few of your social profiles once or twice a week. But you know that. Your approach needs to change. Your peers are already tapping into digital and reaping the rewards.
PublicityWorx will work with you to control and exploit your celebrity moniker across the social/digital landscape.  We will develop, implement and manage digital content strategies that will strengthen your daily social presence and allow you to further engage with your audience.
Please contact us in confidence for further information.

Social Influencer Talent

You live and breathe social media 24 x 7 x 365. You are somebody who has truly perfected the art of social engagement and relish the buzz from releasing your next piece of content to your large followings across Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook.

Every single piece of content you create is amplified through a multitude of shares and likes. Your opinion genuinely matters and any message is heard ‘loud and clear’ by your audience. You are an Influencer.
PublicityWorx is not another platform that you bolt-on in the hope of landing the next brand ambassador or brand activation gig. We are a talent booking and representation business with a digital element. Our team have real backgrounds in advertising, public relations, marketing, talent management. and technology.
We take a personalised approach and will seek out credible commercial opportunities, partnerships and alliances that will enhance and sustain your public profile to futureproof and protect your brand.
Please contact us in confidence for further information.

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